Dr. Shetty Concussion Study

NYSATA collaborates with Dr. Shetty concussion study at the Hospital for Special Surgery. NYSATA encourages athletic trainers to contact Dr. Shetty at 646-714-6278 for their athletes with concussion to participate in her research study.

She needs our help in the recruitment of subjects for her research project on concussion. If you have athletes who have incurred a concussion, please contact the study immediately at 646-714-6278 as the study requires an initial exam within 72 hours.

The hope is to have early assessment by Dr. Shetty at HSS of the head injury including a clinical exam and an MRI, with 2 follow-up MRIs. We are encouraging ATs to bring their injured athletes to Dr. Shetty as your athletes will get appointments quickly and Dr. Shetty assures us that there will be no cost for participants because she has received a grant (although when possible, the insurance will be billed – but no balance collected) and the individual will actually receive $75 for participating.

Concussion research is important and this is a great way for us to get involved with assisting in research on concussion.  Please consider helping with this research by getting your athlete assessed and then assisting with getting the athlete to attend the important follow-up visits.

We are contacting only those ATs who are nearest to HSS travel from Regions 1 & 2 will be most successful for the appoints and follow-ups compared to others across the state.  Please spread the word!

Please contact Deanna if you have any questions about NYSATA involvement or contact the study directly (speak to Lorena at HSS at 646-714-6278 ) with specific questions about the study (see attached announcement below).

For more information, please review the following attachments: