NYSATA 40th Anniversary Celebration and Hall of Fame Dedication

The NYSATA Hall of Fame Display is now located Park Center at Cortland State University! See the slide show of the NYSATA dedication of the newly revamped Hall of Fame display and 40th celebration at SUNY Cortland from November 6, 2016.

The new display concurs with NYSATA’s 40th Anniversary. In honor of 40 years of hard work by NYSATA leaders and members, NYSATA, in collaboration with SUNY Cortland, sponsored a celebration coinciding with the dedication ceremony (1976-2016)!  After all – SUNY Cortland is where NYSATA began with its first president, Cortland Athletic Trainer – John Sciera.

We had many attendees help us celebrate this momentous event including Hall of Fame members, Kent Scriber, Rick Zappala, Jill Dale, and Kathy Koshansky, President Bitterbaum, of SUNY Cortland, and a number of NYSATA committee chairs.

Thank you to the many who joined us!

You can view the Program here as well as the PowerPoint Presentation.


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