Research and Injury Committe

Research and Injury Committee

Tracye Rawls-Martin, MS, ATC

In the early 1990s NYSATA’s Executive Board established the Research and Injury Committee in hopes that it would stimulate more scholarship among the membership. Kent Scriber was appointed its initial chair. There was no specific budget established for awards. The committee established the qualifying criteria for these potential grants. These grants typically ranged between $700.00 and $1500, so at that time several thousand dollars had been awarded for research by NYSATA members. Tracye Rawls-Martin/LIU-Brooklyn took over as chair in 2010.


The NYSATA Research and Injury Committee would like to take this opportunity to invite Athletic Training Students (undergraduate/graduate), Faculty (full-time/part-time) and Preceptors (clinical educators) to take part in the future of athletic training education by submitting research projects for grant funding during the 2015-2016 academic year.

In the past, we have awarded $500.00-$1,500.00 dollars to the following research recipients:

I encourage you to submit grant proposals for research projects that are new or the ones you’ve had on the back burners forever. It’s time to stop procrastinating, write the grant proposal, and submit it to us no later than April 15th, 2015. This will give us enough time to review your work, enough time to re-submit if necessary and the NYSATA budget department time to allocate funds to jump start the research project during the fall semester and more importantly enough time for you to participate in the poster presentation at the May 2016 NYSATA conference.

Initial Committee Chair: Kent Scriber, early 1990’s

Current Committee Chair: Tracye Rawls-Martin (since, 2010)

Current committee members:

Jayne Ellinger

Karl Kozlowski

Lauren Kreha

Thomas Koesterer, Abstract Chair

Patrick McKeon


NYSATA’s most recent Research Grant Award winner!

2014 Jennifer M. Medina McKeon, PhD, ATC, CSCS, “’When will my athlete be back to play?’ Generating prognostic resources for Athletic Trainers.”

Previous Award Winners:

2008 Michael Dolan, MA, ATC, “The use of accelerometers as a measurement tool for evaluating recovering ankle sprains in collegiate athletes”.

2008 RJ Boergers, MS, ATC, “Kinematic analysis of head/neck movement associated with Lacrosse helmet facemask removal.”

2006 Michael Dolan, MA, ATC, “Effects of intermittent and continuous cryotherapy on edema formation following blunt trauma to hind limbs of rats.”

2005 Karl Kozlowski, MS, ATC, “Aging, inflammation, and muscle healing.”

2004 Michael Dolan, MA, ATC, “Development of an animal model to determine effects of RICE and other treatments on edema and time to recovery following contusions and sprains.”

2003 Michael Dolan, MA, ATC, “Effect of ibuprofen and high voltage electrical stimulation on edema formation following blunt trauma to hind limbs of rats.”

2002 James Mollosky, MS, ATC, “The effects of a functional core/trunk program on static postural stability.”

2000 Michael Dolan, MA, ATC, “Effects of cold baths and high voltage cathodal electrical stimulation on edema formation following blunt injuries to hid limbs in rats.”