Susan Geisler, MA, ATC, PT

The Reimbursement Committee was established to pursue state-wide remuneration for Athletic Training Services. The success of this committee is dependent on a strong state Practice Act , and must work in conjunction with the Government Affairs Committee in updating the NYS Athletic Trainer’s Practice Act to reflect the current scope of practice for ATC. The Committee works closely with New York State Athletic Trainers’ Association Inc. designated lobbyist in pursuit of a new practice act for NYS ATC, and to monitor current trends in the delivery of health care services.


Current States with Reimbursement Laws:

* Georgia – HB 93 April 19,1999

* Indiana-HEA 1467 July 1, 2011

* Missouri- HB 1603- in committee : Prohibits a health carrier or health benefit plan from denying reimbursement to a licensed athletic trainer who provides covered benefit services within the scope of an athletic trainer

* Vermont- Act 141


Facilities in NYS who are receiving reimbursement for ATC services:

* If your facility is being reimbursed for athletic training services we want to hear from you!  Contact Us!

* We want to know your setting and facility.

* Please send us information regarding the insurance carriers who are paying for AT service.

* Are you submitting under your NPI number or another provider number?