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Thomas Sheehan Award

The Thomas J. Sheehan Award is named after a man whose character, commitment and excellence in the field of athletic training was unsurpassed. Tom always had time for others. A good-natured and class individual, Tom was one of the most popular and respected men in the athletic training profession. Tom was the Head Athletic Trainer at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI) for 27 years. His dedication and integrity was such that he became the only non-athlete to be inducted to the colleges’ Athletic Hall of Fame. An extremely hard worker, Tom was one of the founders of the Eastern Athletic Trainer’s Association. He served as its president from 1949-1951 and was also its treasurer for four years. In 1972, he was given the Cramer Award for Distinguished Service by the EATA. Tom Sheehan was one of the men responsible for laying the ground work for the formation of the National Athletic Trainer’s Association. The contributions made by Thomas Sheehan are ones we are all grateful for. The profession would not be where it is today if it were not for his efforts. It is for these reasons that the New York State Athletic Trainers’ Association honors the memory of Mr. Thomas J. Sheehan with the Sheehan Award.

This award is presented by the New York State Athletic Trainer’s Association to the athletic trainer whose character, commitment and achievements in the athletic training profession clearly exemplify the traits of Thomas J. Sheehan Sr. Tom was the long-time Head Athletic Trainer at RPI and is one of the founding fathers of the Athletic training Profession and NYSATA.

Sheehan Award Winners

1977 – Joe Abraham
1978 – John Sciera
1979 – Michael Cappeto
1980 – Anthony Ortolano
1981 – Don Lowe
1990 – Kent Scriber
1991 – James D. Gossett
1992 – Rick Zappala
1993 – Lou DiNitto
1994 – Pete Koehneke
1995 – Steve Norman
1998 – Mike Matheny


2001 – Bernie DePalma
2001 – Jill Dale
2002 – John Cottone
2003 – Marty Erb
2003 – Bud Carpenter
2004 – Tim Kelly
2005 – Kathy Koshansky
2006 – Andy Smith
2009 – Deanna Errico
2014 – Tim Neal
2015 – Said Hamdan

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