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NATM 2021

We are getting close to National Athletic Training Month and we are all so excited! In lieu of our traditional event in New York City, we will be hosting Proud To be an AT, a social media initiative that we want everyone to get excited about!

In 2021, one of NYSATA’s main goals is to raise awareness of the athletic training profession, and we think NATM and this campaign is a perfect way to do that! We want the public to better understand what it is that we all do and help them to realize we are a bigger part of their lives than they might recognize. The higher our profile, the better chance we have to get our licensure bill passed in the upcoming session.

What We Need From You


Creating Photo or Video:

From now throughout March, create a video to be posted on your social media channels beginning March 1, 2021. Video should be 30 seconds or less, shot horizontally on your phone or camera. Please do not post your video before March 1.


Alternatively, you can also take a selfie holding up a sign that details why you’re proud to be an AT, or from another one of the options below.


The content of the video can be of your own choosing, or you can select from the options below:

  • One thing you want people to know about ATs

  • Your favorite part of being an AT

  • Statement video (e.g., "I am an athletic trainer!" "I support athletic training!" "I support licensure for athletic trainers," etc.)

  • Why we need to pass the licensure bill


Additionally, if you work with students, athletes, or student-athletes, we encourage you to get them involved as part of the syllabus or for extra credit. Video ideas for them include:

  • Appreciation for their AT

  • Story of how an AT helped them in the past

  • Why they are going into sports medicine (student-specific)

Example Videos


NATM Video #1.jpg
NATM Video #2.jpg
NATM Video #3.jpg
NATM Video #4.jpg

Submitting Photo or Video to NYSATA:

If you are comfortable with NYSATA using your video on our own social media pages, please download and complete the provided forms.   Then message your form and video to NYSATA Facebook messenger.





If you have any issues, or questions about uploading your video, please contact Jessica Hofmann at


We are happy to receive videos beginning now and throughout the end of March.


Posting Photo or Video:

Beginning March 1, 2021, post your photo or video to your social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram). Use the hashtags #NATM2021 #Proud2bnAT. Tag a fellow AT in your caption, challenging them to create their own video to post on social media. Feel free to come up with your own caption or use one of the suggested captions we have provided.


Suggested Captions:

  • It’s National Athletic Training Month so I thought I’d share a video about why I love being an athletic trainer! I challenge @XX to share a video too! #NATM2021 #Proud2bnAT #NYSATA and #EssentialToHealthcare.

  • Being an athletic trainer is one of the most rewarding things I’ve done, and during National Athletic Training Month, I’m proud to be an AT! @XX I challenge you to show your pride! #NATM2021 #Proud2bnAT

  • Many of you know I’m an athletic trainer, but some may not know what that even means. I’m happy to share a bit about my profession for National Athletic Training Month. @XX I challenge you to share more! #NATM2021 #Proud2bnAT


We hope that all our members are excited as we are about this initiative and will work together to help us raise the profile of athletic training! If you have any questions about this campaign, please email Jessica Hofmann at with the subject line Proud to Be an AT Question, and will we respond as soon as we can.

NYSATA Video Release Form



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