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Any member in good standing with the National Athletic Trainers’ Association (NATA) whose mailing address is in the State of New York can be a member of NYSATA.

NATA Members residing outside the state of New York, but working in the State of New York or vice versa:  State Association Membership is based upon the mailing address registered with the NATA.

Members can be in any one of the following categories as established by the Constitution of the Association.

  • Certified Member

  • Associate Member

  • Retired Member

  • Student Member

  • Advisory Member

  • Honorary Member

  • Affiliate Member



State membership dues are paid in conjunction with NATA annual dues.

*Note: Please remember that as of Fall 2010, NATA dues will be billed separately from the certification fee. You will be billed by the BOC for this fee regardless of your membership in the NATA or NYSATA.

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