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NYSATA History

You can read the full NYSATA history HERE or view the PowerPoint presented at the NYSATA 40th Anniversary/Hall of Fame dedication HERE.

In 1976, a group of athletic trainers and students met with John Sciera who was an athletic trainer at the State University of New York at Cortland.  They initiated the idea of having a state organization (even meeting in John’s living room).  The New York State Athletic Trainers’ Association (NYSATA) was founded in 1976 and Incorporated in 1989.  John Sciera was the first President of the NYSATA.

The state organization had a focus to get licensure right away, but with a bank account of only $273 and debt of over $900, it was going to be a long road!

Education Law Article 162 was passed in 1994 after hard work from many individuals, particularly past presidents Steve Norman, Jenny Monaco, Mike Matheny, and Tim Kelly, and including others like Lou Rende and Lou DeNitto.  Athletic Trainers were required to be certified through NYS Education Department by 2000.  It became illegal to work and call yourself a certified athletic trainer in NYS unless you became certified through NYSED.

During the Presidential tenure of Todd Hirsch, the NYSED began to interpret “Certification” in NYS as “Licensure,” however it is not in our legal language.  NYSATA will pursue actual licensure beginning in 2012 and change of the practice act to encompass the many changes in the profession of athletic training as it has evolved in the nearly 20 years since passing.  Once NYSATA achieves the passing of a bill through legislation and athletic training becomes a NYSED licensed profession, it will be illegal to practice in NYS as an athletic trainer without a NYS license.

We have attempted to develop a historical perspective but we have some gaps.  Can you help us fill in the gaps?  Please contact Deanna Errico

NYSATA Past Leadership

Past Presidents:

Bob O'Malley 2016-

Aimee Brunelle 2014-2016

Deanna Ericco 2012-2014

Chris Hobler 2010-2012

John Cottone 2008-2010

Todd Hirsch 2006-2008

Andy Duncan 2004-2006

Andy Smith 2002-2004

Kathy Koshansky 2000-2002

Marty Erb 1998-2000

Tim Kelly 1996-1998

Mike Matheny 1994-1996

Jenny Hathaway Monaco 1992-1994

Steve Norman 1990-1992

Rick Zappala 1988-1990

Tom Fashouer 1986-1988

Don Lowe 1984-1986

John Sciera 1984**

John Bernfield 1982-1984

Mike Cappeto 1980-1982

Hollis Powers 1978-1980*

Gene Castrovillo 1977-1978

John Sciera 1976-1977

*start of two year terms
** unable to serve term

NYSATA Secretary:

Carrie Burke 2017 -

Jarett Rhoads 2008 – 2017

Chris Hummel 2005-2008

Jackie Upton 2004-2005

Chris Enk 1999-2004

Mark Casterline 1998-1999

Deanna Errico 1994-1998

Jill Dale 1990-1994


NYSATA Treasurer:

David Byrnes 2011 –

Chris Jones 2006-2011

Mark Alderman 2005-2006

Laurie Bitting 2000-2005

Andy Smith 1998-2000

Kathryn Koshansky 1990-1998


Note: Secretary/Treasurer became separate positions in 1990.

NYSATA Secretary/Treasurer:

Jenny Hathaway 1988-1990

Diane Pavlik 1984-1988

Abbe Herzog 1982-1984

Kim Miller 1980-1982

Kent Scriber 1978-1979

Mike Cappeto 1976-1977

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