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About the Young Professionals' Committee (YPC):

(From the NATA YPC website) 
The YPC was created to address issues of athletic trainers who are in the first 12 years after initial certification/licensure. It develops strategies to increase recruitment, retention, volunteer involvement and convention attendance among young athletic training professionals. The YPC provides programs, activities and educational opportunities to address young professional needs. The committee also promotes professional socialization of young professionals.




National Young Professionals' Initiatives:

Please join the Mentoring Program for providing/receiving guidance and career advice. You must be logged in to the NATA site to see the page. You can also find it on the NATA site by searching "EDAC Mentoring" (after logging in).


To increase recognition in the medical field and increase our insurance reimbursement, please register for an NPI! Instructions here


New York Young Professionals Subcommittees:

We creating a subcommittee for each Region in the state to better target the needs of the individual regions. YP programming events can be social, volunteering opportunities, job skills workshops, or nearly anything you think would be a good opportunity to bring YPs together! If you have ideas for YP events in your area or would like to be involved, please email me.




Upcoming Events:

For updates on local events, follow the D2 YPC Facebook page (@NATAD2YPC) and Twitter handle (@Dii_NATA_YPC).


For national events, follow the NATA YPC Facebook page (@NATA.YPCommittee) and Twitter handle (@NATA_YPC), or subscribe to their quarterly YPC newsletter.


In the meantime, feel free to use the Interviewing Tips resources on the NATA website.



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Michael Henne, ATC, CES



Lauren McIntyre, ATC

Harkness Center for Dance Injuries, NY

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