Governmental Affairs

The NYSATA Governmental Affairs committee is responsible for overseeing all legislative activity within New York State relating to Athletic Training – with the overall goal

Bill A.5044B

Bill S.2023C

of advancing the profession. This includes: 

  • Monitoring bills on the state and national levels that involve Athletic Training, as well as monitoring trends and efforts within the profession

  • Organizing and carrying out lobbying efforts in the State, as well as contributing to national lobbying efforts

  • Working with other NYSATA committees (i.e. Public Relations) to disseminate pertinent information to members

  • Collaborating with the NATA and other states to help in meeting these missions


What We’re Working on Now

The Practice Act Update bills have been introduced again!


Bill  A.5044B

Bill S.2023C


Why it’s important:

  • To update the nearly 30 year old language to reflect the current state of the profession.

  • Move to licensure – which enables scope and title protection for the profession. This will ensure the safety of all the NY citizens who utilize our services!


We still NEED our members to contact their local legislators to ask for their support of our bills! Remember, you are their constituents, and can VOTE for them, so they WILL listen to what you have to say!



How Can I Help?

In order to get these bills passed, we need to be a constant voice in the legislators ears about why updating our Practice Act is important! Additionally, it’s also needed to educate them on who we are as a profession and what we do.


You can help by:

1) Writing letters to your local Assembly member and Senator asking for their support of the bill. You can also call their offices to ask for support.


To find your home address legislators:

Find Your Senator

Find Your Assembly Member


2) Communicating to other AT’s to do the same


3) Spread the word to Physicians, athletes, and parents, and anyone else who might support us. Have them send letters to their local legislators asking for support of our bill.


4) You can also call your local Assemblyperson and Senator and invite them to visit your workplace. We have already held several Athletic Training Room visits for legislators that have been very effective in opening their eyes to all that we do!



If you have any additional questions about this process, don’t hesitate to contact the GA committee chairs at

Lobby Day 2021
Lobby Day 2021
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NYSATA members on the steps of the capital during Lobby Day in Albany

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NYSATA members hit the steps of the capital in Albany for lobby day in May of 2015. (from left to right, top row: Jeff Sage, Todd Lazenby, Chris Hummel, Kent Scriber, Bryan Lurie. Middle row: Christine Jenkins, Amy Jennings, Deanna Errico, Katie Tanguay. Bottom row: Jennie Petrone, Tiffany Reichman, Aimee Brunelle, Susan Geisler, Tracie Thomson.

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Legislative staff from Senator Grisanti (R-Buffalo) and Senator LaValle’s (R-Long Island) offices visited the University at Albany’s Training Room in August of 2013. The visit was hosted by Head AT Jay Geiger MS, ATC (right) and Asst AT Joe Tegnander MS, ATC (left).

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2012 Albany Lobby Day (from left to right: Kathy Koshansky – Stony Brook, Kent Scriber – Ithaca College, Robby Vought – USMA Prep School, Tim Hansen – USMA Prep School, Mary Ann McLean – lobbyist at Wilson Elser, Christine Jenkins – Hudson Valley Community College, John Goff – Pine Bush HS, Sue Geisler – Cornell University) (Not pictured but also in attendance, Jennie Petrone – NYC/Long Island)

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Ithaca College played host to Assembly member Barbara Lifton (D-Cortland) in October of 2013. Paul Geisler and Chris Humel hosted the visit

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NYSATA accepts a NY legislative resolution from Senator Cathy Young recognizing the profession of Athletic Training. Senator Young is the Senator for the 57th Senate District.

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