NATA Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer + Advisory Committee


Ashley Crossway DAT, ATC

Athletic Trainer 

Nazareth College

4245 East Avenue 

Rochester, NY 14618 





Matt Rawlins MS, ATC, CSCS



The mission of the LGBTQ+ Advisory Committee (LGBTQAC) is to advocate for an environment of inclusion, respect, equity and appreciation of differences in both athletic trainers and their diverse patient populations. The committee will identify, explore, address and provide educational resources regarding emerging topics and concerns relevant to diverse sexualities, gender identities and gender expressions within the profession and health care topics affecting patients in the LGBTQ+ community. (From the NATA LGBTQ+ Advisory Committee Website)

Note: The plus sign represents diverse sexualities, gender identities and gender expressions which may not be explicitly included in the LGBTQ acronym.


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The mission of the New York State Athletic Trainers’ Association shall be to advance, encourage, and improve the profession of athletic training by developing the common interests of its membership for the purpose of enhancing the quality of health care for the physically active in New York State.

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