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Concussion Management
Resources To Assist Schools In Complying With The NYS Concussion Management and Awareness Act

NYSED Guidelines for Concussion Management

PLEASE NOTE:  The Guidelines for Concussion Management in the School Setting are guidelines for Secondary Schools in NYS.  These guidelines for return to school and certain activities apply to all public school students who have sustained a concussion.  Private schools have the option of adopting such policies. As stated, these guidelines are for public schools in NYS. Colleges and universities will continue to follow NCAA Concussion Guidelines.

The Secondary Education Committee for NYSATA is making itself available to individuals and school districts that need assistance in meeting the expectations of the NYS Concussion Management and Awareness Act and the Rules and Regulations and Guidelines for Concussion Management that go along with them.  Please contact the individual that corresponds with your local section.

Find your Local NYSATA Secondary Education Committee Member

Concussion Information & Sample Documents:**
If you need example templates for any of the documents required for the NYSED Guidelines, these downloadable templates have been provided for your convenience.

General Concussion Information

Section 136.5 of the Regulations of the Commissioner of Education

Consensus statement on concussion in sport—the 5th international conference on concussion in sport held in Berlin, October 2016

American Academy of Neurology Position Statement on Sport Concussion

Centers for Disease Control: Heads UP

Brain Injury Association of New York State 

NYSPHSAA Student and Parent Information Sheet

NYSDOH Sports-Related Concussion Information


SCAT3 Concussion Assessment Tool

SCAT5 Concussion Assessment Tool

Acute Concussion Evaluation

Balance Error Scoring System (BESS)

Post-Injury Management/RTP/Return to Learn

Return To Play Protocol

Return to Learn Information 

New York State Center for School Health

For more concussion information from the NYS Public High School Athletic Association, please go to the NYSPHSAA Safety & Research webpage

Continuing Education for Concussion to satisfy the NYSED Guidelines for Concussion Management:

Instructional training will be mandatory for all physical education teachers, coaches, assistant coaches, volunteer coaches, nurses and certified athletic trainers.


Click here for the training for coaches and physical education teachers that will satisfy the requirement by completing the NYS Department of Education approved online training course from the CDC.

Click here for the training for Nurses and certified athletic trainers that will satisfy the requirement by completing the NYS Department of Education approved online training course from preventing concussion.

At the completion of each course the registrant will obtain a certificate of completion that will be placed in their permanent file. The certificate will be renewed biennially.

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